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Service Provider
Companies whose primary business is providing automotive maintenance and repair services.

UICS Standards


Your shop will have access to the UICS Standards allowing you to validate your recommendation with these industry standards.  Which will instill confidence in your recommendations to consumers and create consistency and transparency.

Inspection Forms


MAP will provide you with forms for inspecting vehicle systems and components and documenting the results to communication to the motorists.

Find my Shop


Your shop will be added to the Find My Shop search on, where thousands of consumers go each month to find a trusted shop.



You will have access to a library of webinars, videos and other training resources.

MAP Mission

Dedicated to equipping the automotive maintenance and repair industry with standards that build trusted relationships with the motorist.

MAP Vision

A world in which every motorist trusts the automotive maintenance and repair industry.

About MAP

The Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) provides thousands of repair and maintenance standards and vehicle conditions that have been established by industry experts over the last 25 years. These standards were created in order to instill trust in the relationship between the motorist and the shop through the consistent application of the communication and inspection standards. As an industry-wide effort, MAP is bridging the gap between motorists and service providers by joining together to develop and implement MAP Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards (UICS) across all participating MAP members.
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