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AMRA is for those who are accountable for building stronger, more trusted relationships with consumers

About AMRA

AMRA is an alliance of automotive professionals responsible for standards that deliver peace of mind to motorists.

If you are in the business of supporting automotive service providers with parts, products, services or equipment, our alliance of automotive professionals can help you bring awareness of you and your organizations to the industry through our events. Many of our members have helped shape the service industry by bringing forward data and insights that support new standards, procedures and best practices. With the ears of 22,000 shops our platform can transform your business.

If you are a service provider looking to build greater trust with your customers, implementing our standards and MAP process into your operations model will help you. Since the Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association’s (AMRA) inception in 1992, AMRA has worked to improve the relationship between the motorist and the repair shop through education along with the creation of and adherence to industry standards. Today more than 22,000 repair facilities utilize the MAP program with over 90 million transactions occurring annually. MAP provides an industry accepted, consistent and transparent approach to vehicle inspection process and a proven method of communicating the results to the customer in a clear, concise and consistent manner that fosters trust.


MAP is about delivering peace of mind to the motorist through standards that give them a reason to come back to your business over and over again.


MAP gives your team the ability to communicate with motorists what is okay, suggested or required in the way of services their vehicles may need based on a tried and true inspection process – not marketing hype.


MAP will provide you with a repeatable process for inspecting vehicle systems and components as well as the resulting communication of those results to the motorists.


Ultimately your business is a reflection of the experience you create for the motorist. MAP gives you the foundation for building a world class customer experience.

MAP Mission Statement

Dedicated to equipping the automotive maintenance and repair industry with standards that build trusted relationships with motorists

It is no secret, many motorist do not enjoy getting their vehicle serviced. MAP’s Mission statement is aimed to relieve some of the pain points. There are tremendous inconsistencies in vehicle recommendations but following the MAP process improves this lack of trust. As a not-for-profit organization we are able to keep the motorist at the center and focus on how to improve the customer experience; and with our extensive membership we can serve the entire industry across all categories with time tested standards.

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What Becoming A Member Can Do For You?

Access to the Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards

As a member of AMRA you get access to the only industry wide standards that help you create a constant way to recommend parts and service to your customers.

Be Part of an Industry Alliance

Whether you are a service provider, part manufacturer, Tool and Equipment supplier or a technology company, being part of our industry alliance gives you a chance to connect with other industry professionals and demonstrate you’re a part of a larger purpose of improving the automotive industry.

Drive Traffic to Your Bays

Our consumer facing website,, houses our “Find My Shop” which we can help improve your customer and car count.

Access to Events

We host multiple events every year that help you better prepare to service today’s complex vehicles, use technology to streamline your service operations and better serve the motorist and their changing buying habits.
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