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Welcome to the Motorist Assurance Program’s Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards (UICS)

The UICS will provide a list of conditions for an individual component and indicates what services or part replacements may be “Required” or “Suggested.” It may also contains additional information and functionality for that component or service. In addition, suggestions may be made to satisfy the requests expressed by the customer. When using the UICS website, you can simply put your cursor over each MAP Reason for Repair Code to view its definition. You can also click on any highlighted text to see that term’s glossary definition. Many listed components have Spanish and/or French translations; some have Hi-Resolution Photos. Also, look for icons that indicate More Information; and use the Contact Us link to email any questions or concerns you may have about the UICS.

As a MAP participant, all services being offered are performed following the MAP Standards of Service and the procedures specified in these communication standards.

The UICS website is designed to provide you a means to quickly look up components listed in the MAP Uniform Inspection & Communication Standards. Much like searching on Google, all you have to do is enter the component name in the search box to view the standards associated with the service. Search Terms incorporate words commonly used to identify a UICS component to help the technician find the required information quickly. When a component is “Required” or “Suggested” to be repaired or replaced, the decision to repair or replace must be made in the customer’s best interest, and at his or her choice given the options available.The website also contains additional information and functionality.

Technical Conference

The MAP Technical Conference is hosted by the MAP Technical Committee and is held three times a year – Spring, Fall and Winter. The Technical Conference brings together industry professionals to hear relevant topical presentations on both vehicle technology, systems and other pertinent industry subjects. It is a unique opportunity for you to engage in dialog surrounding the ever changing automotive industry with other industry leaders. Each meeting also includes numerous networking opportunities for you to connect with other industry professionals and discuss specific areas of business with both your peers and the automotive aftermarket supplier community. So whether you are in training, marketing, sales or operations, we encourage you to attend and realize the tremendous value delivered in these sessions.

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