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About AMRA

The Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association (AMRA) is a not-for-profit trade association formally organized in 1992 to represent the interests, common policies and purposes of companies engaged in providing automotive maintenance and repair services, their suppliers and related companies in the automotive industry when dealing with consumers. The main purpose of AMRA is to provide consumer communication programs like its Motorist Assurance Program (MAP), MAP Participating Facility Program and its MAP-Qualified Technician Program for the benefit of the consumer. AMRA also provides consumer brochures for consumer education, providing information on a variety of consumer-requested topics dealing with their automotive maintenance and repair service experiences.

Meet our Leadership Team

Board of Directors

  • Jeff Campbell
    Jeff Campbell Chair

    Vice President of Purchasing
    Tire Discounters, Inc.

    Term Expires: 2021

  • Kathy Bray
    Kathy Bray Vice Chair

    Senior VP Operations Solutions
    Midas – Leeds West Groups

    Term Expires: 2021

  • Paul Lacroix
    Paul Lacroix Secretary/Treasurer

    Director US & Canada Sales

    Term Expires: 2021

  • Greg Dunkin
    Greg Dunkin Asst. Secretary/Treasurer

    Vice President, Key Accounts
    Hunter Engineering Company

    Term Expires: 2021

  • Brian Kaner
    Brian Kaner EC Member at Large

    President, Service/Operations
    Icahn Automotive Group

    Term Expires: 2022

  • Kevin Ohler
    Kevin Ohler EC Member at Large

    Vice President, Customer Care & Experience
    TBC Retail Group

    Term Expires: 2022

  • Chuck Abbott
    Chuck Abbott

    Vice President, Automotive US
    CPS Products, Inc.

    Term Expires: 2022

  • Todd Sanders
    Todd Sanders

    Sr. Vice President of Strategic Accounts
    Advance Auto Parts

    Term Expires: 2021

  • Brooke Helsley
    Brooke Helsley

    Director, Service Merchandising
    Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC

    Term Expires: 2021

  • Gary MacCausland
    Gary MacCausland

    SVP Operations and Merchandise
    VIP Tires & Service

    Term Expires: 2022

  • Darrell Muscolino
    Darrell Muscolino

    JLSC Enterprises, Inc.

    Term Expires: 2022

  • John Perrin
    John Perrin

    Vice President/GM Chassis Business Line

    Term Expires: 2022

  • Jason Rainey
    Jason Rainey

    Vice President – NAPA AutoCare/AAA
    NAPA Headquarters

    Term Expires: 2022

  • Fred Thomas
    Fred Thomas

    Vice President North America Retail
    Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

    Term Expires: 2021


  • Jeffrey Cox
    Jeffrey Cox President


  • Timothy Hatcher
    Timothy Hatcher Director Technical Operations


  • Joellen Kwiatkowski
    Joellen Kwiatkowski Director Business Operations


  • Helen Mac Murray
    Helen Mac Murray Law Partner

    Mac Murray & Shuster LLP

Technical Committee

  • Denny Bowen
    Denny Bowen

    Hunter Engineering
    Director, Product Management

  • Mark Ferner
    Mark Ferner

    Bridgestone Retail Operations LLC
    Technical Support Manager

  • Peter Coll
    Peter Coll

    Neutronics, Inc.
    Vice President

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